Outflow Technologies is committed to discovering each customer’s unique business needs and to designing and building high-performance software applications and providing comprehensive solutions that fulfill each of these needs and fully integrate with our own, and most existing services. (For further information on our method, visit our ‘Development Method’ section)

Our basic operating philosophy can be stated in three words, ‘We deliver results.’ We care about our customers’ business successes and are dedicated to delivering on our promises on time and on budget.

Outflow Technologies provides solutions:

| Stand-Alone Applications |
  Solutions that operate on a single workstation or across a small work-group.
| Networked Applications |
  Solutions that operate between many computers within a company’s existing network.
| Secure Web-Based Applications |
  Solutions that interact with the staff and/or clients in the field
| eCommerce |
  Applications such as online stores
| Stand-Alone Applications |
  Web-solutions that establish a company presence with your customers on the World Wide Web. In today’s information society, a web presence is as basic as handing out a company business card.
| Consultation |
  Consult with technical or marketing experts to determine how to maximize your internal and/or external efforts We deliver results. We deliver the product you need at reasonable cost with an excellent return on investment, and we back up our promises. | Results-Based Warrantee | | Referrals and success stories | from other companies that demonstrate the advantages of working with Outflow Technologies

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