Outflow Technologies™ utilizes the ‘V’ methodology for development projects. This method allows for the most comprehensive projects to be developed quickly and efficiently, with client involvement and contribution being provided at the tolerances as set by the client.

The basic procedures for the ‘V’ methodology consist of the following hierarchal sequence.

.Requirement Phase:
  • Initial Client Interview/Consultation
  • Define Client Vision/Goal.
  • High level Requirements/Needs Analysis
  • Proposal with basic solution definition and estimated scope of work
  • Use cases for all users and systems that work with the solution
  • Full Detailed Requirements Analysis
  • Scope revision (if Use Case and Detailed Requirements analysis reveals additional scope)
.Design Phase:
  • High level design (forms, reports and functionality)
  • White Sheets: Detailed Design Documentation for application architecture (White Sheet detail varies, depending upon project requirements and scope)
.Development Phase:
  • Content Gathering. Done in Coordination with Client
  • Application Development (Tiered Stages of Release as required; Number of Steps and Phases varies, depending on project specifications and client requirements)
  • Content Development in Phases
  • Implementation of Finalized Content (in accordance to phases)
.Testing Phase:
  • Testing in stages against the Detailed Design documentation
  • Testing in stages against High level Design
  • Testing in stages against Requirements and Use Cases
  • Final testing against the High Level Requirements/Needs
.Documentation Phase:
  • User/Technical Documentation
.Implementation & Training Phase:
  • Installation of Beta Release
  • User Training
  • Installation Final Release
  • Verification of Achievement of Vision/Goal of the solution
.Post Release Phase:
  • Support

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