Outflow Technologies™ can build or enhance Internet Solution applications for existing web sites using the V development methodology. This begins with a broad overview of the project, then goes step by step through design and development into the technical work then, test by test, implementation by implementation back to a final check to determine that all the goals set at the beginning of the process have bow been met.

For more information on the V methodology, please visit out Development Methodology page.

  We can provide applications such as:
  • Adding functionality to a site to allow user input (feedback forms, online applications, membership applications, newsletter mailing list requests, etc)
  • Adding broadcast functionality to your customer base
  • Allowing Identity collection and promotion systems
  • Building custom applications based on client specifications and requirements
  • Creating online applications that provide services to the users (either secure or non-secure) such as a members-only area for a site, or public services to visitors
  • Building online tools or games for user entertainment or use
  • Creating Project tracking systems
  • Making Statistic reporting systems
  • Building Data collections systems

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