The Internet is an unqualified hit! It has already made a greater impact on the world of business than the printing press and promises even greater cultural changes with every press release.

To draw a more recent historical comparison, just before the Pony Express ceased operation, in 1861, it took over seven days to transport a half-ounce letter from Saint Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento California. When the Western Union Telegraph system connected the east coast with the west, communication became as fast as a telegrapher could tap a key and another could decode the dots and message at a time.

The explosive-changes brought about when the home computer became inextricably linked to the Internet has been a billion times more dramatic. That billion was not an idle number. One billion people connected to the net, worldwide, was the estimate bCentral (Microsoft’s website for the UK's small business community) gave for 2005!

With a billion people online and countless businesses trying to service their needs and desires, a great web presence tells the world who you are. Without it, an eBusiness may get lost in the crowd. Once a visitor finds your site, an eBusiness needs a well-crafted, easily identified and well-defined professional web-image to set it apart from the hoard. Only a memorable presentation in graphics, text, and overall concept will project this company image. In the Internet-age web-presence is as important as a corporate business card or a beautiful company logo on your stationary, probably a billion times more.

The Outflow Technologies™ marketing team can help you create and package the distinctive public face your company needs and insure that your web presence is carried throughout your site.

Using the latest technology, we can then assist you to place that Internet-face high on the worldwide MUSE-list (Most Used Search Engines) and provide links to other sites or parts of your own website such as, e-stores, customer information, company history, corporate-sponsored charitable work, etc.

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